We carry wine kits from all over the world
We make wine coolers, ports and ice wine
We specialize in premium wines fermented on grape skins
Wine Categories
Customer favourite for white wine4 Week 10 L Wine KitGrand Cru from RJS CraftGrand Cru travels the globe to select the highest quality grape juices and concentrates to create wines with Old World character that will gain in stature with further aging.Click here for full list (PDF)
Exceptional taste at moderate price5 Week 12 L Wine KitInternational from RJS CraftGrand Cru International will produce exquisite, easy-to-drink wines that are expressively bold in their youth, yet graceful with a few months of aging.  Select red wines include dried grape skins.Click here for full list (PDF)
Customer favourite for red wine5 Week 12 L Wine KitSterling from Cellar CraftWith a polished combination of grape juice and concentrates, Sterling finds the shine of popular varietals from across the globe.  All reds are fermented on exclusive virgin crushed grape skins.Click here for full list (PDF)
Premium6 Week 18 L Wine KitCru Select from RJS CraftCru Select offers a diverse collection of white and red wines from around the world.  Each wine has just the right body, flavor, clarity and bouquet to satisfy even the most discerning palates. Red wines are produced by fermenting grape juice on crushed grape skins, seeds and stems.Click here for full list (PDF)
Premium with skins6-7 Week 18 L Wine KitEn Primeur from RJS CraftEn Primeur Winery Series provides the most authentic craft winemaking experience, enabling you to craft age-worthy wines of distinction that will impress every wine connoisseur. En Primeur Winery Series gives craft winemaking  enthusiasts the opportunity to make superior quality wines that even a seasoned vintner would be proud to share with friends and family. Click here for full list (PDF)
Premium with skins6-7 Week 18 L Wine KitShowcase from Cellar CraftShowcase world renowned varietals and superior blends can be served proudly to family friends and will stimulate the palates of the most discerning wine connoisseurs.  Each ultra-premium kit will create a wine that is distinctive, showcasing unique characteristics produced by the specific terroir and climatic conditions of the country of origin.Click here for full list (PDF)
Fruit Wine Cooler5.5 L Wine KitOrchard Breezin' from RJS CraftPerfect for entertaining family and friends!  Drink well chilled on its own or mix with your favorite juices, sodas and liqueurs to create truly unique and crowd pleasing cocktails that express you individual flair.  7% alcohol wine: Fruit blend.Click here for full list (PDF)
Port, Sherry and Ice Wine6 Week 12 L Wine Kit  Call for details
Limited Release WinesOur suppliers will occasionally offer limited releases of highly sought after wines. Only available for a limited time, and some must be pre-ordered.Click here for details