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FALL 2015

WellThanksgiving is here, so that means Christmas is just around the corner andit's time for all of you to make delicious GRAPE EXPECTATION wine, forentertaining and gift giving, this holiday season. Please enjoy these selected wines at a $10.00 discount!

OCTOBER FEATURE: Grand Cru : Pinot Noir & Pinot Grigio

Grand CruInternational: Sangiovese & Chardonnay

Cru Select : Valpolicella &Sauvignon Blanc

NOVEMBER FEATURE: Grand Cru: Merlot , Valpola,Chamblaise & Riesling

DECEMBER FEATURE: Make any wine you likeand save

$10.00 on 1 batch of wine and $25.00 on 2 batches! This is our annual customerappreciation sale. These wines will beready to bottle in the New Year. This offer cannot be used for PASSPORT WINES.


6 WEEK WINE ..October 31, 2015

5 WEEK WINENovember 10,2015

4 WEEK WINENovember 20, 2015

As most of you already know, we have increased our prices byapproximately $2.00. We have not had aprice increase in over 5 years, so look for another increase in 2020!! We are confident you will still be craftingyour own wine 5 years from now, and we don't want to surprise you when the nextincrease occurs!!


Cabernet Franc/Cabernet Sauvignon

Australia ( Murray Darling & Riverland)

Release: December 2015

Alc./vol. 13.5% Body:Medium Sweetness: Dry

This wine is for all my Cabernet Franc fans. It should be a 60/40 blend. It is rich and fruity, with red berry,cassis, spice, and vanilla aromas. Ifound it light in tannin with nice acidity, and a lingering finish. If you like Peller Estate Trius, youwill love this wine! It pairs well withlamb, pot roast, seared tuna steak and hearty cheese. It will need some aging, but it will be worththe wait.

Sauvignon Blanc/Muscat

California ( Lodi)

Release: January 2016

Alc./vol. 12.5% Body: Light/Medium Sweetness: Off dry

This wine is light and refreshing, it has nice acidity, withan off dry, yet clean finish. I lovedit!!! It will be about 75% SauvignonBlanc, it is the Muscat component that makes the wine fuller and rounder. You can craft this wine dryer if you prefer. This blend is deliciouswith chicken and fish. I will enjoy itwith light appetizers or all by itself!!! You can sip this wine soon after bottling.


Italy (Umbria)

Release: January 2016

Alc./vol. 13.5% Body: Medium/Full Sweetness: Dry

Montepulciano is the grape name, not the region in thiscase. This complex Italian wine is fruitforward, yet dry. It has rich cherry andplum flavours, with gentle savory spice, and a smooth finish. This noble Italian gem, will be enjoyed withall tomato based sauces, sausage and parmesan cheese. I think this wine will require some agingsostock up your cellar and be patient!

Pinot Noir/Merlot/Syrah

South America (Chile& Argentina)

Release: February 2016

Alc./vol. 13% Body: Medium Sweetness: Dry

I found thiswine to be light to medium in body, but with very interesting flavours, due tothe 3 different grapes. If you like theversatility of Pinot Noir, this wine is for you. Deep ruby in colour, this blend has softtannins, with flavours of plums, cherry and red berry. This wine will be very versatile, because itcan be served with grilled meat, pizza,mushroom based dishes and hard cheeses. A definite GO-TO WINE! This winecan be enjoyed younger than the other Passport Reds.

Three Country Cab

California, South Africa & Spain

Release: March 2016

Alc./vol: 14% Body: Full Sweetness: Dry

This is the BIG ONE"!! If you are looking for something bold and beautiful this blend ofCabernet Sauvignons will be a treasured addition to your cellar. It is deep red in colour, with flavours ofblackcurrant, blackberry, plum, vanilla and spice. It has medium tannins, but not aggressive,with a lingering finish. Pair this winewith braised meat, rack of lamb, prime rib, aged cheddar and 70% darkchocolate. Absolutely delicious and themost popular tasted. This wine will alsorequire some aging, so make an earlier Passport release, and let this one restfor a while!!


Remember you only need to pre-order not pre-pay. Order all 5 Passports and save $15.00 on eachwine. These wines are the BEST!! We have brochures in the store, so pleasestop in and pick one up.


I would like to share some new ideas for wine and foodpairings. Why not choose the WINE first, then, plan a meal aroundyour selection. For example: PinotGrigio with a lemon vinaigrette salad, roast chicken and green beans. Cabernet Sauvignon can be paired with asmoked mozzarella and spicy mixed greens salad, then delicious prime rib androasted vegetables as an entree. Thisway you only have to open one bottle of wine. Who am I kidding.who only opens one bottle of wine?

This is our busiest season, so please book a wine bottlingappointment as soon as possible, once you know your wine is ready!!!!

Our VINO DEL VIDA 4week wine will be discontinued in December, order some extra now, if you like thatbrand. Don't worry our GRAND CRU 4 week wine is very nice andonly $0.50 more per bottle.all of us at the store love it.

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