Grape Expectations occasionally offers special releases of wines that are only available for a limited period of time.  Some are ultra-premium wines, others are new offerings that may or may not be available again.  Details on current limited releases are shown below.


Vineco 2016 Passport Series

Must be Pre-Ordered by November 14, 2015

Passport Series™ celebrates premium wines from some of the most prominent and respected wine growing regions and each year features a unique and exciting new selection of world class wines.
  • Five limited release wines
  • Available by pre-order only
  • Wines released Dec 2015 - Mar 2016
  • All kits are 18L
  • Montepulciano and Three Country Cab include a 2L grape skin pack.
$200 per batch, including shrinks, labels and corks.  Pre-order all 5 wines in this series and receive a discount of $15 per batch.


    Still somewhat of a rarity in Australia, Cabernet Franc has surged in plantings in recent years, becoming increasingly popular and desired for blends and varietal wines. This vibrant blend combines Cabernet Franc with Cabernet Sauvignon for a rich, fruity wine redolent with cherry, red berry, cassis, spice, and flavours, notes of herbs and spice, and firm tannins.
    This Australian blend pairs Cab Franc from Murray Darling with Cabernet Sauvignon from the Riverland Region. The Murray Darling  region experiences warm to hot days, noticeably cooler nights, and receives plenty of sunshine for the grapes to soak up, allowing them to ripen fully each year. The Murray and Darling Rivers, for which the region is named, provide much needed irrigation. The neighbouring Riverland region shares the hot & dry climate, long hours of sunshine, and also benefits from the Murray River, the lifeblood of the area’s vineyards.

    BODY: Medium-Full               SWEETNESS: Dry                ALC./VOL: 13.5%

    SAUVIGNON BLANC MUSCAT - January 2016 Release

    Juicy & fresh, this deliciously aromatic blend is the perfect unity of these popular varietals. Sauvignon Blanc offers citrus and fresh herb elements, while Muscat brings in stone fruit and floral notes. Bright fruit aromas lead into refreshing citrus, peach, and melon flavours with a hint of tropical sweetness and a light, crisp finish.
    Located directly east of San Francisco Bay, Lodi is graced with a Mediterranean climate marked by warm days, low humidity, and cool nights. Cool delta breezes help moderate the heat, creating a perfect climate for growing flavourful, fruit-forward grapes. The region receives little rainfall during the growing season, allowing growers more control of crop development through irrigation. Rivers originating in the Sierra Nevada mountains flow throw Lodi, depositing mineral rich soils which contribute complex flavours to area wines.

    BODY: Medium                       SWEETNESS: Off dry                 ALC./VOL: 12.5%

    MONTEPULCIANO - January 2016 Release

    Medium-bodied and deep garnet in colour with gentle aromas of ripe dark fruit, warm oak, and a touch of earth and spice. This fruit-forward red boasts mouth-filling black cherry and dark plum flavours and gentle savoury spice which lingers on the smooth finish.
    Affectionately known as “Italy’s green heart”, Umbria is a lush agricultural area nestled in the centre of the country and is the Italian Peninsula’s only land locked region. The Appenin Mountains run through Umbria providing rolling hills which allow for premium sun exposure, and the majority of the region’s vineyards are on terraces cut into the hillsides. Umbria’s climate is similar to its famous neighbour Tuscany: cold, rainy winters and dry summers with abundant sunshine. The Tiber River flows down from the mountains creating fertile soils and adding a cooling balance to the typically dry weather, making this an ideal location for grape growing.

    BODY: Medium               SWEETNESS: Dry                       ALC./VOL: 13.5%

    PINOT NOIR MERLOT SYRAH - February 2016 Release

    This South American blend of Pinot Noir, Merlot, & Syrah features vibrant red fruit notes with a touch of oak and spice. Deep ruby in colour, this medium-bodied red has soft, dry tannins, with flavours of plum, cherry, and red berries. Gentle notes of spice, smoky oak, and red berry linger on the finish.
    This blend comes from three great South American regions. The Pinot Noir is from Colchuagua Valley in Chile, which enjoys a superb climate, the cooling influence of the Pacific Ocean, and steep slopes of well-drained soil. The Merlot comes from one of Chile’s most southern wine regions, Maule Valley, which enjoys intense sunlight, warm days, and much cooler nights than its northern neighbours; this extends the growing season, and helps balance ripeness and acidity in the grapes. The Syrah comes from the other side of the Andes Mountains in Argentina, where desert landscapes and high altitudes create aromatic, intensely
    flavoured reds.

    BODY: Medium                   SWEETNESS: Dry                 ALC./VOL: 13%

    THREE COUNTRY CAB - March 2016 Release

    Big, bold, and beautiful – a stunning blend of Cabernet Sauvignons from three powerhouse producers. Look for a bouquet of ripe black fruits, with notes of cocoa, vanilla, and oak. This deep red, full-bodied Cabernet is firm, dry, and brimming with flavours of blackcurrant, blackberry, blue plum, vanilla, and spice. Notes of black tea, spice, and oak linger on the finish.
    California’s Sonoma County enjoys a long growing season with sunny, warm, dry days and cool evenings - the ideal combination for grapes to ripen slowly and evenly. Swartland, just north of Cape Town, South Africa, is hot and dry, leading to lower yields, and smaller, more concentrated fruit. Spain is hot and arid, but its elevation creates a workable balance, with temperatures dropping significantly at night. Many growers have adapted to the dry weather by spacing vines further apart to reduce competition for resources, leading to lower yields with higher quality fruit, and more concentrated, intense flavours.

    BODY: Full                  SWEETNESS: Dry                     ALC./VOL: 14%